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MRA Scans

A magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) scan is a type of MRI procedure. Using either a high-field MRI machine or an open MRI system, MRA scans help doctors evaluate blood vessels in your body.

Flexible, Accurate Vessel Images

MRA scans can be completed with or without intravenous (IV) contrast. 

The images produced from our machines are stitched together to form a 3D view which helps your doctor identify abnormalities of the blood vessels. This type of scan is particularly useful in finding brain aneurysms and artery blockages to the brain and other body systems.

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How to Prepare for an MRA Procedure

No special preparation is necessary for this exam, unless otherwise instructed by your care team. 

MRA Scans Using Intravenous Contrast

For your exam, your physician may request “intravenous contrast” to be used for the scan. This requires the insertion of a small catheter into your vein which the technologist will use to administer the contrast agent when needed. 

Intravenous contrast is helpful in identifying tumors or scar tissue but does have a slight health risk. Patients will be given a consent form by the technologist to sign after receiving a full description of potential side effects of the contrast.

What to Expect at Your Exam

  • Before the exam, you will be asked to identify any metallic or electronic devices on or within your body, especially related to the brain or heart. The MRI machine is a large magnet, so identifying these items beforehand is very important to your safety.
  • You may be asked to change clothes and wear a gown for your exam. If you wear loose clothing with no metal objects, however, you may be able to stay in your clothes.
  • After the exam, you can resume your normal diet and activities.
  • If your exam uses the high-field MRI and it makes you uncomfortable due to claustrophobia or confinement issues, you may request to use our open MRI system.
  • After your exam, CD copies of your scans can be made at our facility. If you’d like one, ask your care team.

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What to Bring to Your Appointment

For a stress-free exam day, patients are encouraged to complete all registration paperwork in advance and upload a copy of their insurance card and personal ID online. If this information is provided prior to the appointment, there is no need to bring it with you on exam day. Here’s a quick list of important things you should bring to your appointment:


Insurance card

*If you did not upload this online in advance of your appointment.


Identification card

Driver’s license or personal ID (if you did not upload this online in advance of your appointment)


Loose fitting, comfortable clothing


Method of payment