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An X-ray (radiograph) is a quick, painless medical exam that helps physicians diagnose and treat patients. This exam involves exposing a part of the body to a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body. X-ray images are often used to help diagnose bone fractures, or infection, injury or locating a foreign object in soft tissue. 

Wide Array of X-Ray Capabilities

All images are digitized and will be made available to your designated physician(s) after your exam.

This type of imaging is most commonly used to take images of the chest, muscular or skeletal system, and in some instances, your gastro/intestinal system. Our Lafayette facility is equipped to take a variety of images, from chest x-rays and bone x-rays to gastrointestinal x-rays. 

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How to Prepare for an X-Ray Scan

No special preparation is necessary for this exam, unless otherwise instructed by your care team.

Uses for X-Ray Exams

X-rays are a very common diagnostic tool and are the oldest form of radiology used. Usually, x-rays are used to look for broken bones or fractures, since bone is the easiest tissue to see in the image. Sometimes, though, x-rays can be used to identify illnesses like pneumonia or cancer.

What to Expect at Your Exam

  • You may be asked to change clothes and wear a gown for your exam. If you wear loose clothing with no metal objects (buttons, zippers, etc., however, you may be able to stay in your clothes.
  • Getting an x-ray involves exposing a part of the body to a small dose of ionizing radiation, which creates pictures of the inside of your body. 
  • Once the x-ray machine is carefully aimed at the body area being examined, the machine produces a small burst of radiation that passes through the body, recording an image digitally.

Generally, two or three X-rays will be taken depending on the body part that is being viewed. You will be asked to remain as still as possible during the very short exposure time. If necessary, you will be instructed to hold your breath in order to prevent motion from blurring the images.

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What to Bring to Your Appointment

For a stress-free exam day, patients are encouraged to complete all registration paperwork in advance and upload a copy of their insurance card and personal ID online. If this information is provided prior to the appointment, there is no need to bring it with you on exam day. Here’s a quick list of important things you should bring to your appointment:


Insurance card

*If you did not upload this online in advance of your appointment.


Identification card

Driver’s license or personal ID (if you did not upload this online in advance of your appointment)


Loose fitting, comfortable clothing


Method of payment