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Fluoroscopy Scans

Fluoroscopy is a type of medical imaging that uses a special x-ray device to produce motion imaging. These videos help specialists study different areas of the body in action. 

Motion Imaging for a Variety of Uses

If a regular x-ray is a picture, fluoroscopy is like an x-ray movie that shows your body, organs or tissues functioning in real time. 

This gives doctors insights into what may be causing specific symptoms. At our Lafayette facility, we use digital fluoroscopy during barium swallow/upper G.I. series, small bowel series, myelograms, arthrograms, as well as other imaging procedures.

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How to Prepare for Your Fluoroscopy Scan

Each type of fluoroscopy procedure requires different preparation.  You will be notified upon scheduling your appointment of the preparation required for your exam.

Diagnostic Uses of Fluoroscopy

  • Arthrograms
  • IVP
  • Small Bowel Series
  • UGI
  • Barium Swallow/Esophagram
  • Joint Injections

Risks of Fluoroscopy

Anytime you are exposed to radiation, there are some inherent medical risks. Fluoroscopy, like all x-ray procedures, uses radiation and therefore poses a slight risk with each exam. The dose of radiation you receive at your exam can vary depending on the image needed and specific procedure. 

However, the likelihood of experiencing issues from your exam is statistically very low. If your doctor is recommending the use of fluoroscopy, it is usually because the risks of radiation exposure are outweighed by the benefits of the imaging they will get to treat you. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about a procedure, you can contact our team or ask your doctor.

What to Expect at Your Exam

  • Fluoroscopy exams are similar to standard x-ray exams
  • Each exam type under Fluoroscopy or “live x-rays” is different and requires its own preparation depending on exam type. You will be made aware of preparation requirements when your appointment is scheduled.
  • You may be asked to change into a gown and/or follow some dietary restrictions prior to your test. 

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What to Bring to Your Appointment

For a stress-free exam day, patients are encouraged to complete all registration paperwork in advance and upload a copy of their insurance card and personal ID online. If this information is provided prior to the appointment, there is no need to bring it with you on exam day. Here’s a quick list of important things you should bring to your appointment:


Insurance card

*If you did not upload this online in advance of your appointment.


Identification card

Driver’s license or personal ID (if you did not upload this online in advance of your appointment)


Loose fitting, comfortable clothing


Method of payment